Our Main Offering

E-Commerce Platform

We build highly customizable, feature rich and modern e-commerce platforms.

ERP Software

Fully integrated and highly functional software suit. Connect back-end operations to Point-Of-Sale to E-Commerce.

Digital Marketing

We help deploy the latest technologies to attract most number of clients.

Sample The Power of ERP 

All the functionalities are created and designed with the user in mind. Simplicity of use is our mantra.

Dynamic Kanban views.

  - Drag and drop items to different stages (example new / in-progress / won).
  - Configure any number of stages by simply right clicking
  - Set options / permissions / restrictions / visual setting / priority etc, for each item
Intuitive Dashboards.

  - Easily and clearly see overview summary of your status for any module
  - Save your favourite dashboards
  - Zoom in to a particular item for more details
  - Have the choice to configure the settings you want to see 
Drill Down and Roll-Up.

  - Infinite level zooming into information.
  - Choose the data item you want included in the axis
  - Zoom in (drill-down), or Roll-Up (get summary) for any data combinations
  - Save your favourite analysis to your dashboards
Dynamic Graphical Data Representation.

  - Get quick and accurate overview summaries
  - Easily change the contents of the graphs
  - Multiple layout and presentation options


We have already thought about it all, you just focus on seamlessly growing your business.


Online Selling


Almost all the main and most modern characteristics of an e-commerce store has been thought of and included.

Have an easy life focusing on growing the bottom lime of your business.

Easily and fully integrate with the ERP back-end - Single Source of Truth.

Dynamically convert multiple currencies, against multiple price-lists.

Automatic translation of multiple languages, based on automatic geo-location.

And many many more features.

  • Filter by price slider / categories / attributes / tags
  • Display product groupings / latest/ on-sale, in home page
  • Full fledged & feature rich configurable shop page

Digital Marketing

We do the heavy lifting of the latest complex and strongest technologies, so that you can receive quality leads with ease.

Mass Mailing

Elegant email themes with intelligence to allow you track read/reply/click statuses.

Link Tracker

Increase your presence all over the internet, and manage your best sources of traffic.


Always appear on the first page of search engines with our keywords recommender and auto-optimizer.

Social Media

Readily integrated facebook, linked-in, youtube, twitter, github presence.

Content Pull Marketing

Attract leads using beautiful blogs, presentation slides, events, videos.

Sponsored Marketing

Monitor and understand your marketing budget through analytics of your best lead source.

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On the right are just a FEW of the reasons that make us feel confident that we will delight you :


  • Fluid grid layout
  • Auto adjusting image sizes
  • Un-obstructive javascript
  • Multiple css rules
  • Evenly distributed text
  • Balanced section layouts

About us


The company positions itself as a technology enabled digital marketing company. A combination of low level software engineering technologies are utilized with an aim of providing a holistic solution. The ERP software produces part of the big data for analytics. E-commerce allows new sales avenues, and digital marketing increases the rate of sales. Our solution provides a single source of truth.

Web Technologies (ERP + Ecommerce)
Digital Marketing
Big Data Analytics
Mobile Ready

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