Effective Link Building Strategies for eCommerce Sites


Effective Link Building Strategies for eCommerce Sites

As an ecommerce platform, the aim is to generate links and traffic to your product pages, as these are the key step before a customer clicks "add to cart" and completes a purchase.  Whether you're a client's SEO building link or a website owner working to improve your site's popularity, there are some serious challenges you face when building links to an ecommerce site. 

It’s no secret that link building is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO, especially for Ecommerce sites. It takes a unique approach to finding the hard links and pulling your competitors ahead. However, Links play an important part in SEO. The overall consensus is that they contribute to your SEO success by more than 50 per cent. Link building is the process of getting links from other websites to yours. All links are counted as votes for your websites, passing on authority, relevance and trust.

In order for your website to do well enough in the search engines for your customers to find you, you need to build links from other high-authority & relevant websites. And the key to a successful link building is to create the right content methods and outreach techniques as this will make it easier to build quality links and increasing the exposure of your site and landing pages as a whole. 

That's why we've assembled innovative strategies to attract and build links that aren't all too often listed, but are really effective. 

Be controversial

In a highly competitive world, playing it safe doesn't get you anywhere. being controversial can help, To stand out and conquer the competitors. Brainstorm about topics that relate to your business, and that’ll trigger people in reading your content.

Taking advantage of extreme products to build link

Another way to build up links and hype around your brand is to stockpile and promote extreme items (either as part of a seasonal selection or as part of a new segment of your business).  This strategy has the capacity of eschewing traditional audiences and reaching a mass audience. 

Creating unique products

Building unique products on your e-commerce website is another impressive way of catching attention on the web and an equally important link building strategy

Establish content partnerships with relevant sites. 

There are brands out there that, without being direct competitors, provide something similar or complementary to what you sell. These are good marks for content partnerships to consider. You can make a deal with them to create content for their audience while they make content for you. On both sides, you must ensure that the content generated makes perfect sense to the audience of the other brand, and that it is relevant and suits in with their overall content marketing plan.

Ego baiting

Another efficient technique is called ' ego baiting ' when building links: featuring others in in your content. One advantage of this tactic is that the companies and people mentioned in your content are often going to help you promote it because they are mentioned there. 

Convert Unlinked Mentions of your brand

Another great way to build inks back to your ecommerce site is by  Monitoring unlinked brand mentions. This tactic is a clever marketing practice and can be a useful technique for building ecommerce links. In fact, unlinked mentions we found are typically the best opportunities for ecommerce customers.  When you find out about your brand's unlinked mentions, contact the website owner and ask them to include a link. 

To sum-up, Many owners of eCommerce websites are struggling with the building of links. This limits their SEO success, as links play such a huge role in whether you are successful in SEO or not. Do not make the mistake of assuming it's impossible to build links. It's not, you can build links as well. And you can start right away, using the effective tactics of link building that we described in this article. 

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